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Phew, we just really had to get that out of the way.

Seriously though, you are worth it.

T  H  E    ' W  H  Y '

This may seem like a random, if sorta pleasant, thought, but it's the thing we care most about. Theatre is our passion, but empowerment is our purpose. We want you to be     -     heard     -     loved     -     paid!       -     accepted     -

                                Your story, your efforts, your identity, your struggles, your triumphs, your laugh, your

                                knowledge, your spirit, your skills, your talents, your passions--everything that makes

                                you you--is already enough. 

                                                                                            You DO NOT have to earn your worth. You were born this way: worthy! 


T  H  E    ' H  O  W '

We're an equal opportunity employer and not only encourage, but actively seek submissions from actors, production team members, writers, & otherwise from all cultural backgrounds, identities, & underrepresented communities.

We're anti-hate, pro-love!

Plz no racists, sexists, homophobes, ableists, ageists, or other

lousy prejudices that keep us from embracing our fellow people.