Theatre Co.

Makers of Weird Theatre: a totally real & not made up genre!

                   Us Theatre Co. exists to tell current stories, to pay our artists, & to celebrate weirdness. 

                   Beneath this practical function lies our heart: to encourage, to empower, & foster a sense

                   of belonging for creators, audiences, and contributors alike.

                                                                             You belong to theatre; theatre belongs to you. In fact, it belongs to #AllOfUs.

                                                                                                         People of all colours, shapes, sizes, abilities, and identities form Us.

                                                                                                                                 Weird Theatre specifically, well, we just reeealllly like it. 

"IT'S TRUE, IT'S NOT MADE UP." - A Quote Someone Will Say About That One Day

                                                                          S  O  C  I  A  L     C  O  M  M  E  N  T  A  R  Y     X     H  U  M  O  U  R     X     T  E  A  M  W  O  R  K 

What Weird Is

More nerd-ily, our brand of Weird Theatre could be likened to Absurd Realism. As described by someone succinctly articulate:
"[R]ealistic characters in a realistic circumstance so extreme that it's absurd." (Some dude named Taylor Mac, Dir.)

More importantly, in this genre, we can tell current, important, urgent stories through an approachable lens of humour and ridiculousness, without reducing said stories to caricatures or purposelessness. We want to make you laugh, and then wonder why. And then throw you under a bus of intense feeling. And then laugh some more!

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